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From Our Clients

CEO 2at Globe Media Asia

Chris and his team at Full Scale SEO are not just fumbling around focusing on ranking clients websites for keywords that have high search volumes. They are looking at the FULL picture. On-page and off-page. User Experience and Conversion Optimization. Social Media and Paid Advertising. Chris knows that getting a clients website to number one on Google isn’t just about being number one on a list. It is about taking advantage of that prestige and being number one in sales and customer satisfaction as well.

I have been lucky enough to work with Chris on various projects before and the thing I find most enjoyable is conversing about marketing philosophies and SEO strategies. At the end of every conversation I walk away enlightened and with a new perspective. Chris’s digital marketing knowledge is not something you come across very often in this industry and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with him. He is one of my go to experts for advice and services.

Daniel Marchette

Software Engineer

Chris is an amazing boss, clear, decisive and extremely knowledgeable in his field. I have learn so much while being under his wing and still look to him for guidance on my own personal endeavors. He is a fountain of wisdom and knowledge in our field and is always on the cutting edge with new tactics and theories. I enjoyed working with Chris in the past and hope to be working with him in the future.

Joshua Immordino

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at LoHo Realty Inc.

We use Chris’ expertise in SEO, PPC and Media Buying to help enrich our clients digital marketing strategies and make the best use of our clients budgets. He is quick, responsible and most of all shows results quicker than you’d expect. As an Google Certified Professional, he also ads great credibility and insight into all of our SEM efforts. Use him if you want top notch results!

Samantha Padula

World Wide Content Expert at

Chris is a brilliant guy, very knowledgeable of all aspects of Social media, SEO and email Marketing. I learned a great deal from him.

Hope to work with him again someday!

Thomas R. Reich

Founder / BizCentral USA

Chris Romero is a beast of Marketing in the New Age. He has helped run my web development team to make my web properties more visible and able to capture leads for my salesforce. His understanding of lead generating through Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing and setting up an affiliate network is astounding. His best asset is his ability to manage a team and sett achievable goals that make an incredible difference. He has a thorough understanding of what makes the web work and how it translates to human beings looking for quality help in a world full of fakes. One thing I can say about Chris Romero: He is the real deal marketer. Use his mind!

Efrain Rodriguez

Chief Marketing Officer

I have had the pleasure of hiring and working with Chris several times on many different projects ranging from Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing Development, Graphic Design and overall Business Development.
Chris is honest, intelligent, extreemly creative and an asset to any and all projects he is involved with.
Chris really has many talents that are clearly reflected in the diversity of his resume.

Roma Yasmin